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Layne is an Online shop made convenient for my online shoppers.  Classy, Comfy and affordable brand-new items for a reasonable price.  For Men, Women and Kids.  With great shipping prices and excellent customer service. 

Metanoia By Olivia is an All-Natural Bath and Body Shop with all kinds of amazing products for a reasonable price.

Metanoias Used and Restored that's founded based on the need for reasonable priced items such as furniture, clothes and etc.  What some people no longer need we give that item a new home.  We want to give the best prices for our merchandise so our customers can leave with what they had their eye on for their home, office and etc.  We are currently based in Colorado.

Metanoia With Love CO. This is our Non-Profit Organization to help families in need and the homeless. 

Vegan Edible Delights makes Vegan options affordable and delicious. 

Olivia Layne



I currently own and run 

Layne LLC (Layne Online Shop)

Metanoia By Olivia LLC

Metanoias Used And Restored LLC

Metanoia With Love Co

Vegan Edible Delight LLC

I give my customers options from getting something new or buy thrift on one website. Each page has a different store available for your needs.

For men, women and children. Clothing, furniture, sports items and much more. I make it affordable for you. 


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